getaway girl.

photo to face: jason hetherington.

photo to face: jason hetherington.

lids | lashes | cheeks | lips

photo: jason hetherington

rebecca atwood.

rebecca atwood.moving these beauties (pouches and pillow) to the tip-top of my wishin’ list.

who’s with me?

go here, read this: “souvenir stories.”

photo by greg vore
"souvenir stories." / conde nast traveler.
photo by greg vore.
GO HERE, READ THIS: “souvenir stories”: conde nast traveler’s editors and contributors share their favorite travel mementos and stories.

plus, meet matilda.

do you collect souvenirs to catalog your trips? i’ve recently started bottling up sand from the beaches i visit — or rocks, in cases where the beaches weren’t quite sandy (namely, the beaches near nice, where the coastline is made up of huge stones or tiny pebbles).

åsa lindström.

åsa lindström.
please, allow yourself to feast your eyes upon these porcelain beauties by stockholm artist åsa lindström.

palmer cash.

palmer cash. loving these graphic tees from palmer cash.